Poster: MOONEYES Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010 in Yokohama, Japan
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X'MAS PARTY Show & Drag
DEC. 11, 2010
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Jesolo, Italy Bike Show

Travels to Italy

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On the outskirt of Venice is Jesolo Beach which faces the Adriatic Sea and it’s where Alberto Castellaro organized the 11th Independence Weekend American Cars and Choppers Show at the Gasoline Road Bar. I attended the event along with Jimmy C, Chopper Dave, Jeff from Church of Choppers, Dice Magazine’s Matt & Dean as well as Jennifer from Trophy Queen.

The main street in Jesolo

Facing the Adriatic Sea.

Event organizer Alberto Castellaro.

Italian MOONEYES Dealer “No Water”.

So-Cal style.

This is Danny’s new BMX style Flathead/Sidevalve he entered. Danny came to HCS 08 last year all the way from Switzerland. He will come to Yokohama, Japan again this year for HCS 09 with this, he calls “D’MX“.

Italian Rumblers drove all the way from Rome.

Chopper Dave & Jeff from Church of Choppers giving out autographs.

Awards made of Venezia Glass.

The MOONEYES Stickers were gone in a heartbeat

MOONEYES Staff handling correspondence.

Jimmy C (left pic) was busy pinstriping all day as he normally is at events. But this event begins at 2PM and goes until 2AM the next morning; a full 12 hours. At 12 midnight, there was a live band playing (right pic)

Chopper Dave put his stickers on top of MOONEYES Stickers.

Mr. Norbert rode this Panhead and his wife rode her Flathead all the way from Germany. Norbert is German and his wife is from Japan. He is a big fan of MOONEYES.

(right image) Norbert is on the far right and his wife is on the left..

Matt and Dean from Dice Magazine

Jimmy C and Dena with Alberto.

This picture was taken around midnight..

This picture was taken close to 1AM and there were still a lot of people on the streets!

The day before the show, Alberto’s wife took us sightseeing to Venice.
We crossed over from Jesolo to Venice by boat.


From the left: Alberto’s wife, Italian Pinstriper Blaster, Dena & Jimmy C, Jennifer

You can’t say Venice without the thought of gondolas.

I spotted this Hot Rod! The owner is Claudio.

Gasoline Road Bar


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